Copy of Technology

Obsessed Science

Well before Tricomin Clinical made it to you, it started as molecules and peptides in the lab. There they were analyzed, studied, re-invented and then earned their rightful place among patented inventions. We applied our years in skincare development and wound healing to prove hair is just like skin.
Triamino Copper Complex

TRICOMIN CLINICAL targets scalp and hair health with Triamino Copper Complex proven to stimulate proliferation and reduce cell apoptosis and pinoxide pays particular attention on to boosting scalp microcirculation which, in turn, delivers nutrients and oxygen to underperforming cells.
Repairing Damaged Hair

TRICOMIN CLINICAL is a multi-care health system with copper peptides, essential amino acids and minerals – deliberatel and precisely formulated to work wellness wonders on stressed, fragile hair.

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