Skin Care Related Approach

Rising consumer concerns about scalp health, in particular issues related to hair thinning, hair loss, and volume loss, have pushed problem-solving to new levels of demand. Driven by an aging, concerned population of men and now women, it’s not surprising then that more and more, patients are turning to dermatologists for answers

Accustomed to skin care products with active ingredients and claims such as anti-aging, consumers have come to expect the same from hair care.

The skin-ification of hair is driving the demand for more science and the value-added, restoring benefits of volume, thickening and shine.

Until recently, most beauty solutions had been purely cosmetic and the scalp was largely ignored, even though excessive shedding is, in fact, caused by poorly functioning follicles just beneath its surface.

Like Tricomin Clinical, many of the latest research has focused on enhancing mircrocirculation which, in turn, delivers nutrients and oxygen to shrunken, underperforming follicles. The result: more follicles in the growing phase, each producing thicker strands for a longer period of time.

With a skincare-related approach and proven Triamino Copper Complex, and all new key performance ingredients, Tricomin Clinical formulas are multi-talented.

  • Scalp health and hair vitality is amped up with a mico-circulator
  • Hair follicle stamina is improved
  • Hair behaves like full, thick hair with body and volume
  • Hair has additional, long lasting shine

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