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Our Philosophy

Until recently, most solutions for fragile, thin hair have focused solely on hair strands, neglecting the scalp entirely. Fortunately, that changed when Tricomin Clinical’s philosophy went public: treat the scalp with the same dedication as skincare and hair vitality is sure to follow.

Long before the patented Triamino Copper Complex® was formulated into products, it won scientific recognition for its breakthrough thinking and multiple applications.

At the time, no one focused on the scalp but our scientists reasoned that scalp and hair-strand wellness were inexplicably connected and, fundamentally, each had to function at maximum levels to keep the other strong.

Certain they could break the prevailing mold of strand-care-first, the scientists focused on what it would take to build symbiotic vitality. They found what they were looking for, developed it, tested it and tested it over and over again. 

The groundbreaking idea was to become Tricomin Clinical. Based on large bodies of scientific evidence, physician observation and patient insights, it came to life as a multi-care health system with copper peptides and amino acid complexes deliberately and precisely formulated for fragile hair.

It’s here. It’s changed things big and small. And all because we chose to challenge the conventional. Welcome to Tricomin Clinical.

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