Straight Talk

Straight Talk

Tricomin Clinical. Working in Perfect Harmony.

Tricomin Clinical, made by one of the leading clinical skincare brands, targets scalp and hair health.

Based on scientific evidence, physician observation and patient insights, we know that hair is just like skin – keep it healthy, out of harm’s way, and biologically, it responds in kind.

All Tricomin Clinical formulas are fortified with patented Triamino Complex, a proprietary peptide blend of copper and amino acids, which in  studies, has been shown to provide essential nutrients for maintaining scalp and hair health.


3 Things You Need to Know

  1. Scalp and hair-strand wellness are inexplicably connected and, fundamentally, each has to function at maximum levels to keep the other strong.
  2. A multi-care health system with copper peptides, amino acid complexes, antioxidants and nutrients delivers the elements to build symbiotic vitality for hair and scalp wellness.
  3. We skin-ified haircare. And just as in skincare, science  makes all the difference and widens the gap between the conventional haircare and the unconventional  like Tricomin Clinical.

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