"Tricomin was recommended for problem with thinning hair. It, along with additional products, has made a big improvement in strength and fullness of my hair." - Pat C.



"Tricomin really made my hair fuller." - Lisa S.


"Like others..I use with minoxidil ... I use just on the hair line so both do last me a long time.. I quit using this and started up again 5 months ago... It jump started my hair growth.. Thought I was loosing more hair but it was new hair growing forward!!! I was so amazed to see a hair line replacing a receding one. Using both and not changing!! Love this."  - Taylor K.


"I have been using this product for only about one month. I am also using 2 other products recommended for women's hair. The Tricomin is easy to use and gives my hair a nice texture which I need for styling. I am noticing much less hairloss but I'm not ready to really make any judgement until I have used these products for a much longer time. If it stops any further hair loss I will be pleased but if I could just see some new growth I will be ecstatic!" - Diane P.



"Since I've been using it, my hair has great body! My beautician noticed the change in my hair. Love the shampoo too!" Amber S.


"This spray is a miracle product though it is a bit pricey but just about worth it. I did massive damage from constant coloring and styling with my hair and scalp so i was having trouble with hair loss and dandruff. I tried every medicated shampoo or mouse in regular drug stores but they never seemed to work.

A dermotoligist told me about this product and when i used it a week later i saw great improvement. This spray seems to target the scalp, which what I really needed most! Soon my scalp went from an irratating pink color to a healthy white scalp and i noticed baby hair. After a month of using this my hair stopped annoyingly falling out. I just use the spray and not the whole package and works on it's own great.It has a pleasant peppermint smell to it too." - Michelle E.



"I'm sure I would have lost all my hair if it wasn't for this product." - Dan J.



"I can't say for certain where I would be without Tricomin, but I have been using it for more than ten years and, at age 52, I still have all of my thick head of hair and only small amounts of gray at the temples." - Kevin S.



"I love this product. Easy to remember, leaves no smell and hair texture is so much thicker." - Rosa C.



"I have been using this product for over a year now. My hair looks healthier and fuller. My friend has been using it as well and she raves about its effects too." - Dawn L.



"This has helped my hair so much! My dermatologist recommended it to me and I could not thank her enough!"- Chelsea H.



"After doing my homework on this product, I feel it is worth the money. I have been dealing with thinning scalp areas and thought this would help. I have purchase this twice now and have notice my hair is filling in well." - Rich D.

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